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Information for Resellers

Name Badges International through their parent company, World Emblem International, Inc. is a supplier and vendor in several organizations and reseller associations including ASI, Sage, Distributor Central, CSC Network and Universal Unilink Purchasing Association. Several enhancements are available for members of these associations including:

Special Pricing - Customized discount coupon codes are available for members of each association and must be requested by contacting NBi at 1-877-422-0624 and submitting your member information. These coupon codes must be used when placing orders. Credits will not be given after an order has been placed. All codes have expiration dates, so if you are having trouble with a code or it has expired, please contact NBi for further assistance.

Blind Proofs - When designing your name tags on-line, clients will be given the option to save a proof of your design that includes all of the details on the badge. Resellers can also save a blind proof of their badge to show prospective customers. These free blind proofs can be emailed or printed and shown to your prospective clients as your own since there are no logos or contact information shown. There is no charge to design and save proofs from the NBi website and all designs are saved in your own secure on-line catalog.

Samples - Please refer to the Gallery images to see samples of all of our badges including 360 degree views. For product information on each of our badges, please check out our Blind Name Badges Brochure. Free digital samples of your badge designs are available when designing your badges.

Design Services - All badges can be designed for free using our on-line tool. Click HERE to start designing or if you are need assistance, you can always request our Free Design Services.

Resale Tax Certificate - Resellers with a Resale Tax Certificate should email their certificate to or fax to 1-800-880-2073 (Attn: NBI) along with your account information. The account will be updated on the back-end so that orders submitted under this company will not be charged for taxes. NBI only charges taxes when delivering shipments to states where we have a physical location including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and California. Shipments to all other states will not be charged sales tax. All badges are manufactured and shipped from North America.

Proofs - When designing your name badges on-line, you will be given the option to save a proof of your design that includes all of the details on the badge. This proof includes just one design. Resellers can also save a blind proof of their badge to show prospective customers that doesn't include the NBI logo or contact information. Due to software changes, we are unable to provide a proof of all badges before production. We recommend when designing badges, to set up the individual proof with the longest name. All additional badges will be replicated with the same artwork and layout.

Purchase Orders/Terms - For clients looking to order $10,000 or more per year, a Purchase Order feature can be added to your account instead of credit card. Clients interested in getting terms must contact NBi at 1-877-422-0624 or to request a credit application. Once the application is approved, the Purchase Order feature will be added to your on-line account. NBi offers Net 30 terms to qualifying customers.

* Please note that all badges contain the url on the back of the badges. Upon request, this url may be covered up if selecting the magnetic fitting and submitting a request to production. All requests should be confirmed before placing your on-line order. Once an order is submitted, it can not be canceled.

Should you have any questions or concerns about reselling, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-422-0624 or We appreciate your feedback to help our business grow, please rate Name Badges International (parent company, World Emblem International) through ASI, Sage and Distributor Central. If you have any issues, please contact us so we can resolve them before submitting your feedback.

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