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Easily Create Name Badges Online Full Custom Color Printing Multiple Color Border Options

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  • Easily Create Name Badges Online
  • Full Custom Color Printing
  • Multiple Color Border Options
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Some custom name badges with shipping and selling options

Custom Name Badges

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Prestige Name Badges
from $5.76 each

Comes in a choice of sizes and border colors, offering fantastic variation.

Circle Name Badges
from $5.76 each

Our borderless round name badges with full color print and a domed resin coating.

Standard Name Badges
from $5.56 each

Our most budget friendly name badge - high quality, customizable name badges.

Metal Name Badges
from $12.60 each

Our premium professional metal name badge, looks superb on suits and jackets.

Large Name Badges
from $6.29 each

Our largest name badge - ideal for trade shows.

Shaped Name Badges
from $5.76 each

Our oval or oval top custom name tags - uniquely shaped badges.

Engraved Name Badges
from $4.58 each

Logos and text are laser engraved

Reusable Name Badges
from $6.29 each

Ability to personalize name badges in house with just a standard printer. Print your own names!

Name Badge Backings
Magnet or Pin

Using our popular magnet backing eliminates damage to your clothing. Pin backings are also available.

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Confidence and Experience

The concept of wearing name badges has been around forever for a reason. A professional company name badge shows potential customers, visitors and business associates that a person belongs with your company and is trustworthy.

Would you be willing to trust a person who approached you as an employee without any visible identification on them? Most customers would rightfully be wary at the lack of any proof. Your employee might produce a business card but that doesn't really inspire a level of instinctive trust that name badges at the workplace do.

Custom name badges also show your logo and promote your branding. Whether at work, a networking function or trade show, you want your company logo to look professional and stand out in a crowd. With custom name badges from NBI, you can do just that.

Selection of Shapes, Sizes and Backings

Company name badges themselves are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, allowing you the freedom of choice to design the perfect name badge for your business while also personalizing it for each employee.

Our name badges come with a choice of magnetic, combination pin/clip or pin backings for greater flexibility, which allows you to choose the most suitable attachment method for your particular apparel. The badges are also available in plastic as well as metal to give our customers variety when meeting their custom name badge needs.

Name Badges International also offers a reusable version for companies that have high turn-over or that need to personalize badges at a moment's notice. Reusable name badges offer the same professional name badge look that you would expect from NBi with personalization that can be done with a standard printer.